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Saturday, December 1, 2012


We haven't done a post in a while, but we have plenty of good reasons. Here's what we and our restaurant partners have been up to:

Cafe B: Coriantder seared scallops on grilled kale, with satsuma, shaved fennel and radish
salad topped with our sango radish sprouts

Ralph's on the Park: Cornmeal Fried Rabbit, Mexican Grits, Roasted Tomatillos,  Poblano Sauce and Rabbit Jus  topped with our Sunflower Sprouts

Earlier this week Carmo hosted a sugar cane pairing dinner and featured several of our products:

Salada Santa Teresa
Grape tomatoes, grilled frescal cheese, cucumbers, red onions and aromatic peppers,
served in a bib lettuce cup with cane vinegar dressing and our 
baby arugula

Sugar Cane-Smoked Marlin w/ Long-Cooked Collards with Cane Syrup
Jaggery Cupuaçu Scallop topped with our sango radish sprouts
Rum-Cured Cold-smoked Tuna topped with our sunflower sprouts

Sugar Cane-Smoked Local Organic Tofu w/ Long-Cooked Collards with Cane Syrup
Jaggery Cupuaçu OSBG Oyster Mushroom topped with our sango radish sprouts
Rum-Cured Young Coconut with Smoked Kombu and Dulse topped with our sunflower sprouts

Yes, you read right: we're growing oyster mushrooms! Sam, Oliver, and Turner have started to crank out mushrooms. This week we sold almost 15 pounds!

The most recent news is that Deronte, who's been a part of OSBG since before the beginning, is now working in the kitchen of one of our newest restaurant partners: Commander's Palace! We've been raving about Deronte's cooking for years now, so it's no surprise to us. He'll be studying culinary arts next semester (along with two other majors!) at Dillard. So excited for him and for any one lucky enough to eat his food.

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